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Walking Acts

Our walking acts create a unique atmosphere for your event and amaze guests with versatile show elements.

The masks of the characters playfully overcome all interpersonal barriers, creating a relaxed and interaction-friendly mood.


As a show format, walking acts can provide an alternative to the showact and be very flexible to adapt to the structure of your event. In terms of content, personalization for your event can easily be achieved by applying our proven show dramaturgy to a theme of your choice, a piece of music, or a motto.



  • Up to 3 x 30 minutes (depending on the event.)​

  • Possible: Interactive or as a show format

  • Easily adaptable to the structures of an event

  • Personalization options


Contact us

Feel free to write us and discuss an idea for your event and create an unforgettable experience together!


Here you can find out more about our Showact.

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